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Jul 07

Homestead Development Agreement Amendments

Posted to Vineyard City Council by Neeley Rimal

Residents within the Homestead community may be interested to know that last week the Vineyard City Council approved several amendments to the Homestead Development Agreement. Several changes were made to the document in an effort to simplify requirements and to provide allowances for current development patterns within the community. The approved amendments are three-fold, which include:  

  1. Providing greater allowances for fencing materials and removing restrictions to solid white vinyl fencing;
  2. Clarifying architectural requirements for new residential structures; and
  3. Simplifying minimum square footage for homes within each neighborhood.

For more details of the new agreement please refer to the June 28, 2017, City Council staff report found here.

The Homestead Development agreement starts on page 27 and runs through page 60. If there are any questions please contact Morgan Brim, Community Development Director at 801-226-1929 or email at

Aug 08

Steel Mural

Posted to Vineyard Community by Neeley Rimal

Vineyard staff member, Sam Bell, has created an outstanding steel mural of the steel plant. Stop by Vineyard City Offices to see his work up close!

Here is his explanation of his inspiration and how he created this beautiful piece of art. 

I wanted to pay homage to the steel industry and the impact it had on people’s lives and the history of Vineyard. The inspiration for the material came from imagining what it was like to work in and around the Steel Mill 
itself, the sights, sounds, and textures. Utilizing steel as the medium seemed like a great way to recreate the texture and feel of the plant. The image of the steel plant in the mural is composed of steel in various states of corrosion and surface finish. I’d like to recognize Blair Kooistra for the original image taken of the power plant and surroundings, circa 1983. 

geneva steel full
geneva steel

geneva steel original

Sam Bell
Geneva Steel, 2017

spray paint and steel

48 in x 78 in